Services for Children 0-3

Early Intervention

This program embraces a family-centered approach which ensures young children with disabilities and their families the supports and services necessary for the child’s growth and development. Families of children ages birth to three who have concerns about their child’s development are eligible to apply for this program. Anyone can make a referral for Early Intervention services by calling  Help Me Grow at (740)374-4954. Help Me Grow will contact our Early Intervention department as appropriate.

Supports and services are unique to the needs of every family. When a family is referred for services, an evaluation for eligibility is completed. After eligibility is determined, each family receives a comprehensive assessment. From this assessment, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is formulated which targets the needs of the family and child. Early Intervention supports and services are provided to families within natural environments and routines by professional developmental specialists. Strategies used are designed to build upon the family’s strengths and wishes. Ancillary services such as speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and aquatics are also available.

Purpose of the project

Increase early and timely access to a standardized, comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for children with concerns in language and social development, including ASD.

Specifically, the goal is to offer a process and a structure that enables parents to obtain a timely diagnosis for their child so that the child can receive early intervention and obtain supports and services, as needed.

ADEP Process
ADEP Process

The PLAY Project® (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters)

The PLAY Project® (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters)

The PLAY Project intervention for young children with ASD is the first developmental, relationship-based, parent training model with research results that show improvements in autism symptomatology.

  1. This model is comprised of two programs:
    The Home Consultation Program: The Home Consultation Program is devoted to helping parents develop a better connection with their child through play with the close guidance of a trained Home Consultant.
  1. The Professional Training Program: our international training program is designed to prepare pediatric professionals to implement PLAY Project services in their communities.   

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